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A city that works for you

The mission of the City of Dearborn's Economic Development Department is to stabilize and enhance the tax base and maintain and enhance the quality of life by: fostering continued economic development, redevelopment and reuse of commercial and industrial sites, facilities and districts; assisting in the financing of public and private capital improvement projects; improving the housing stock and neighborhoods; and promoting improvement of the human environment. This department is also responsible for ensuring uniform and consistent code enforcement, preserving neighborhoods and safeguarding public safety.


This department oversees the appearance and condition of neighborhoods and business districts. It advocates for Dearborn’s residents by aiding property owners when interacting with building contractors and providing timely and accurate information. It reviews the construction, maintenance, alteration and repair of all buildings and other structures located on private property, as well as having a role in the city’s public projects.

Mayor Abdullah H. Hammoud has been an unwavering advocate for his hometown of Dearborn for more than a decade and has been the city's mayor since 2022. Mayor Hammoud has provided bold leadership for Michigan and Dearborn with a thoughtful, pragmatic approach to government that puts people first. Prior to becoming Mayor, Hammoud was the youngest member for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, served as a state and national health expert and served three terms representing Dearborn in the Michigan House of Representatives


As Mayor, he is committed to reinventing government to deliver results for working families and residents in every corner of the city.  He does this through the mission to invest in infrastructure, public health and safety, support Dearborn's small businesses and entrepreneurial spirit, and ensuring quality services for residents


Mayor Hammoud has stated that Dearborn has served as the birthplace of innovation, and the gateway to opportunity for tens of thousands of families. How in Dearborn, we are blessed to have the type of city and economy where anyone, no matter their birthplace, background, or family income, can build a prosperous life without leaving the city. 


His passion to continue to build Dearborn into a city that fosters opportunity at every life stage is supported by the commitment and team from the city's Economic Development Department who shares the vision to showcase why to grow and build in Dearborn.


The City of Dearborn’s Economic Development Department is the City of Dearborn's hub for the following services:

  • Building Plan Reviews, Permits, and Inspections

  • Planning and Zoning Applications, Plan Reviews, and Land Use Policy

  • Community Development services

  • Business Support services

  • Code Enforcement


Together, our divisions aim to provide a welcoming, streamlined and collaborative experience for anyone who wants to improve a property, open or expand a business, improve their neighborhood, or report property maintenance or other code issues. Our team can help you navigate city processes and guide you on compliance with city codes and ordinances that affect your home, business, or neighborhood. Our focus is to support positive, equitable, and sustainable development outcomes for the City of Dearborn, to ensure it is a strong and resilient community where residents and businesses can thrive.

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